Youth Mission Sites

The Glenmary Sisters have missions throughout the  Appalachian and Southeastern United States. Each site is unique in its resources, population, and economy.

The Sisters’ mission site in Ohio and Butler Counties is based in Morgantown, Kentucky, about 30 miles north of Bowling Green and part of the Diocese of Owensboro .

In June 2005 we established our mission in the “Bootheel” area of Missouri in Pemiscot County, where Caruthersville sits on the Mississippi River.

In the Appalachian foothills the Sisters have a mission in Menifee and Bath Counties in Kentucky, based in Frenchburg, about 50 miles east of Lexington. This quiet region is not only a great area for mission work, it is also a beautiful part of the state.

Groups are welcome to contact volunteer coordinator Barbara O’Nan for youth group trips to the Glenmary Sisters’ missions. All group trips will be designed to provide the best program possible. The Glenmary Sisters can offer your youth habitat projects, service, and visitation opportunities such as conducting a vacation Bible school. Individual attention will be given to prayer, reflection, and worship activities. All inquiries are encouraged.

Trips can be arranged for up to five days  during Spring, Summer and Fall school breaks. Day trips are available and are ideal for younger groups such as Confirmation classes.

All of the Glenmary Sisters mission sites are located in areas where there is an abundance of natural beauty which provide excellent spiritual and recreational opportunities.