Sr. Sharon Miller Vocation Director

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Sr. Sharon is originally from Louisville, Ky. As she was trying to discern her call to religious life, Sister Sharon says she had checked out several other communities, a process she compares to “trying on shoes to find that one pair you know will be the ones you will be able to walk in.” Sr. Sharon says that she was drawn to the Glenmary Sisters because they minister one on one with families in the rural areas here in the United States. With her deep love for children and those who are physically or mentally challenged, along with concern for the elderly, she feels the Glenmary Sisters community life and ministry was a “perfect fit.” 

Having joined the Glenmary Sisters in August 1992, she was missioned in the Formation House in Livermore, Ky., for her first two years. In 1994, she moved to Providence, Ky., to help open a new mission in that area. In 1996, she moved to Owensboro, Ky., to serve as Vocation Director for the Community.  Sister made her final profession of vows on May 9, 1998. Sister served as Vocation Director until June of 2007 when she was elected Community President. She served as President until June of 2017.

In July of 2017, Sister moved to our Pemiscot County mission where she happily ministers today.  Sister once again serves as our Vocation Director.

Sr. Darlene Presley Mother Superior

Sr. Darlene was born in Ohio and raised in Augusta, Georgia. She is one of six children. She grew up in a strong Catholic family. One of the things she and her older siblings and cousins did regularly would be to “play Mass.” She and her eldest sister would be nuns and her brother and male cousins would be priests. Her parents and maternal grandparents always spoke about the goodness of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. They planted the seed of desire to serve God as a religious sister.

Sister graduated in 1984 from Augusta College (now known as Augusta University) with an Associate Degree in Nursing. She worked as an Oncology nurse at the former St. Joseph Hospital in Augusta from 1984-1986. She continued her Oncology nursing at Augusta Oncology Associates until she entered Glenmary in August 2002.

During her early formation with the sisters, she spent time in the Menifee County, Todd County, and Livingston County missions.

In June of 2005, after making her First Profession of Vows, she and Sr. Catherine Schoenborn were sent to open the mission in Pemiscot County, Missouri. Sister made her Final Profession on June 7, 2008. Sister has served the Community as Formation Director, 1st Councilor, and Community Secretary.

Sister served in Pemiscot County until she was elected Mother Superior in May of 2017. She finds much joy in serving her Sisters and the mission needs.

Sr. Aida Badillo Lorenzo First Councilor, Formation Director

Sister was born in 1947 in Puerto Rico. In 1958, she came with her family to Connecticut. In 1996, after her children were grown and on their own, she felt a call to be a missioner, at that time not thinking of being a Sister. With the help of her spiritual director she found the Glenmary Sisters. She became a Glenmary Sister Lay Missioner in July 1997. In 2006, she felt a call to religious life. She entered the Postulancy in 2007 and made final vows in 2012. In addition to serving in our Butler and Ohio missions, Sister has taken on many community responsibilities.

Sr. Rosemary Esterkamp

Sr. Rosemary came to Glenmary from White Oak near Cincinnati, Ohio. Shortly after her entrance, she served as secretary to Fr. Bishop, founder of Glenmary. Sister has served in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia. Much time also has been given to administrative and formation positions: Community President, Councilor, and at different times Director of Novices, Candidates, Temporary Professed Sisters, and Education. She also served as Community Archivist.

Sr. Rosemary learned much from her first mission experience in Appalachia, Virginia. She had been in the community several months when she was sent there. From that mission she learned Glenmary was needed! In her months of discerning if God was calling her to a lifetime commitment to religious life and mission service, she now knew she could not leave because Glenmary was needed. It became clear to her that God had called her to Glenmary. That connection has remained over 70 years. They have been years of revealing the closeness of God to her – years of grace. Sister now resides at the Mother House in Owensboro, Ky., where she devotes her time to prayer for the missions and reading.

Sr. Bernadette Hengstebeck

Sr. Bernadette, from Detroit, Michigan, came to the Glenmary Sisters in 1945 at the age of 23. Being very new to the community she was assigned to preparing the meals for the priests, brothers, and sisters. Never cooking at home, this could have presented itself to be her first challenge. Her first week went by and as meals were finishing, she was called in to see Fr. Bishop. Father inquired as to whether she had ever cooked before. She responded that “due to things being so tight at home all I did was watch Momma and Grandmother do the cooking.” At this time, Father had to tell her that her meals this week were excellent!

Joining the community with bookkeeping skills, she was the first Treasurer-General of the community.

Being very active in community and pastoral work, she served in Kentucky, Virginia, and our Texas missions. Sr. Bernadette became an advocate for the Spanish-speaking community while serving in Texas. In order to aid with the language barrier, Sister was sent to Cuernavaca, Mexico to study Spanish. She worked to help the community obtain justice in job-related disputes and court cases. For her outstanding work in the Texas community, Sr. Bernadette was awarded Titus County’s Woman of the Year Award.

After spending 15 years in Guthrie, Kentucky, Sr. Bernadette retired to the Mother House in Owensboro, Ky. Since retiring, she celebrated her 70th Jubilee in 2015. Sister spends her time in prayer for our mission needs. She loves working word find puzzles and the daily SUDOKU puzzle in the morning paper and also playing cards with her Sisters.


Sr. Pat Leighton

Sr. Pat, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, entered Glenmary in 1982. What drew her to Glenmary was the statement “a Sister uses her gifts for the good of the mission.” As a former recreation leader she was able to conduct several Special Kids camps in various missions and Vacation Bible Schools. Sister ministered in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, and Missouri. She now serves the missions in a ministry of prayer. She resides in Assisted Living in Kennett, Mo. Sr. Pat enjoys doing research and playing Scrabble.

Sr. Kathleen Mulchrone Second Councilor

Sr. Kathleen was born in the good County Mayo, Ireland, the youngest of a large family. Raised on a farm, she learned much about living in a happy household, shared responsibility, and the importance of the Catholic Church in all aspects of our lives.

It was very hard leaving home and coming to America to face new challenges. Thank God she had many wonderful relatives who gave her support. During this new endeavor, she met the Glenmary Sisters where she really found her call in what Jesus wanted her to do.

Sr. Kathleen joined the Glenmary Sisters in 1958. Sister faithfully served the Glenmary Sisters’ missions in Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, and Western Kentucky prior to moving to Eastern Kentucky. Sister moved to Owingsville, Ky., in November of 1986, where she served the people of Bath County for six years. In 1998, she moved to Frenchburg to serve those in need in Menifee County. In the spring of 2002, she opened the Mountain Christian Thrift Shop in Frenchburg. Sister has spent countless hours listening to people’s stories, sharing in their joys and sorrows, and finding ways to meet their needs. She has traveled the back roads of many counties to meet people wherever they lived. Her Irish wit and the twinkle in her eyes have brought joy and light into many lives.

Sister thanks God daily for the many blessings and challenges. Most of all, she thanks Him for the joy she had and the wonderful mission in which she was involved.

In February of 2019, Sister decided to retire from full time ministry in our Menifee County, Ky., mission leaving the day-to-day mission duties to our co-missioner, Sue Brown. Sister now resides at our Mother House in Owensboro, Ky., where she spends time in prayer for the missions and as a companion to our other retired Sisters.

Sr. Catherine Schoenborn

Sr. Catherine entered the Glenmary Sisters on September 8, 1951. She grew up on a farm five miles south of Belding, Mich. Sister has served in the Home Missions of Pond Creek, Ohio; Norton, Big Stone Gap and Appalachia, Virginia; Butler, Ohio, Logan, Simpson and Todd counties in Kentucky. In 2005, she and Sr. Darlene opened our western most mission in Pemiscot County in Missouri.

Sr. Catherine has served the community as Director of Vocations, Director of Formation, Community Life Coordinator, on the Sisters’ Council, and as Community Secretary. Now retired, Sister resides at the Carmel Home in Owensboro, Ky. Sister spends time in prayer for vocations and the missions. She loves to read, play cards, work jigsaw puzzles, sing old songs, and make people smile. She is always ready to share a joke, riddle, or amusing story.