Sue Brown Mission Co-Worker

Sue joined the Glenmary Sisters' family in 2011.  She resides in eastern Kentucky and is an essential part of our Menifee and Bath Counties mission.  Sue helped establish the Little Miracles Center, creating an outlet to fill a huge need in this area!  She also coordinates projects for the needy with volunteer groups who visit our eastern Kentucky mission.

John Calhoun II ​Director of Youth Programs

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John has been the Glenmary Sisters' youth director since 2006.  He first began his relationship with the community at their annual Owensboro PumpkinFest as a volunteer.  In his spare time, John enjoys spending time with his wife and children, and playing music.

Irene Longtine Financial Consultant

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Irene has held a variety of offices with the Glenmary Sisters, all in the financial office, beginning in 1991, when the Sisters moved their Mother House from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Owensboro, Kentucky.  Currently, Irene oversees the month and year-end duties, as well as various other tasks.  Irene enjoys traveling with her husband and family, in their spare time.

Susan Mann Administrative Assistant to the Mother Superior

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Susan has been with the Glenmary Sisters since 1995.  In addition to her duties as administrative assistant, she is also the mission appeal coordinator.  Susan spends much of her free time volunteering to help others.

Stacey Utley Financial Assistant

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Since 1994, Stacey has also held a couple different positions with the Glenmary Sisters.  She handles the day-to-day aspects of the finance office, as well as the honorary title of "proofreader extraordinaire."  Outside of the office, Stacey (and her mother) run a non-profit organization for elderly dogs, and she plays the piano at her church.

Barbara O’Nan Vocation Facilitator

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(706) 414-2982

Barbara has been a part of the vocation office since 1995.  Barbara enjoys spending time in prayer, with her husband and family, and helping friends.

Janet Willis Director of Development & Donor Services

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Janet has been with the Glenmary Sisters since 1993.  She enjoys the research and attention to detail that her job entails.  Outside of work, she has a passion for canine rescue and spends much of her time helping lost or found animals get home.