The Joy of the Giver

by Sr. Darlene Presley

For eight years, while I was in our Missouri mission, I saw the joy and gratitude on the faces of the children and the parents when they received these much-needed gifts. I now have the blessing to be on the other side. I now can see the joy and excitement in the faces of the givers!!

We are each called to be a reflection of Christ’s love to the world. It is easy to do that with the people in your midst. These young ones have already learned to be Christ to the stranger. Let us all pray that they will continue to share Christ’s love in a world that is desperate to feel it.

This year the students surprised the sisters with a very special gift. During Advent, the school participated in the Great Kindness Challenge. In this project, the students were encouraged to do random acts of kindness for their peers and to take notice of acts of kindness done to and for them. Each of the classrooms “spiritually adopted” an agency that is a vital part of the community.

Mrs. Cheri Hayden’s kindergarten class adopted the Glenmary Sisters. They learned about our missions and about how busy the missions are especially during Christmas. These little ones shared their love through hand-made Christmas cards for the sisters. We were delighted to receive this special treasure. Thank you!!

Poster - Guidelines for Success

A poster hanging in the school’s hallway tells us all how we can to be successful every day.