The Journey


This is a one-year period during which a woman is prepared for a missionary vocation with the Glenmary Sisters.

The postulant will experience times for prayer and reflection; instruction on Glenmary’s charism and the regional subcultures to which Glenmary Sisters are sent; community life and opportunities for ministry. Throughout the year the postulant enters into further guidance, direction, and reflection on her future in Glenmary.

If she continues in her desire for Glenmary life, she may request to be accepted into the Novitiate.


The Novitiate is a two-year period. The first year is a concentrated time of prayer and learning. It is a time of personal journey and listening to God’s call. The emphasis of the second year is a more active experience in mission. During this time, the novice receives instruction on prayer, the vows, the community’s founder, Glenmary spirituality, the community’s documents and the history of religious life. At least three months before completion of the Novitiate, the novice, if she desires to continue, requests of the president, in writing, to be admitted to Temporary Profession.

Temporary Profession

At the time of first profession, the woman in formation assumes all of the duties, rights and obligations of the community. She may request to renew temporary vows annually from three to six years.

After completing at least three years of temporary profession, the Sister may request perpetual profession of vows.

Perpetual Profession

By making a perpetual profession in the community, a Sister is admitted to full membership. She takes upon herself, together with all the other members of the community, a share in the responsibility for the life and work, the mission and ministry of the community with both active and passive voice.