Sr. Kathleen was born in the good County Mayo, Ireland, the youngest of a large family. Raised on a farm, she learned much about living in a happy household, shared responsibility, and the importance of the Catholic Church in all aspects of our lives.

It was very hard leaving home and coming to America to face new challenges. Thank God she had many wonderful relatives who gave her support. During this new endeavor, she met the Glenmary Sisters where she really found her call in what Jesus wanted her to do.

Sr. Kathleen joined the Glenmary Sisters in 1958. Sister faithfully served the Glenmary Sisters’ missions in Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, and Western Kentucky prior to moving to Eastern Kentucky. Sister moved to Owingsville, Ky., in November of 1986, where she served the people of Bath County for six years. In 1998, she moved to Frenchburg to serve those in need in Menifee County. In the spring of 2002, she opened the Mountain Christian Thrift Shop in Frenchburg. Sister has spent countless hours listening to people’s stories, sharing in their joys and sorrows, and finding ways to meet their needs. She has traveled the back roads of many counties to meet people wherever they lived. Her Irish wit and the twinkle in her eyes have brought joy and light into many lives.

Sister thanks God daily for the many blessings and challenges. Most of all, she thanks Him for the joy she had and the wonderful mission in which she was involved.

In February of 2019, Sister decided to retire from full time ministry in our Menifee County, Ky., mission leaving the day-to-day mission duties to our co-missioner, Sue Brown. Sister now resides at our Mother House in Owensboro, Ky., where she spends time in prayer for the missions and as a companion to our other retired Sisters.