The Aspirancy is a time for deep discernment on religious life with the Glenmary Sisters. The Aspirant will be living according to the Evangelical Counsels of obedience, chastity, and poverty. It is a time of immersion into the life and ministry of the Glenmary Sisters serving the home mission needs of rural America.

The Aspirant should have the following characteristics:

  • Be a woman of deep faith.
  • Show willingness to grow in self-knowledge and knowledge of God.
  • Interior freedom and gift of self.
  • Possess a real concern for human needs.
  • Have the ability and the sense of responsibility to carry through a task to completion.
  • Have sufficient initiative to be able to work outside an institutional setting.
  • Be flexible and adaptable to meet frequent changes.
  • Have an appreciation and respect of small town and rural life.
  • Be able to live in an area in which the Catholic faith community is extremely small.
  • Be able to live and contribute in a healthy manner to the communal life of the Glenmary Sisters.
  • Be open to sharing her gifts and talents with those with whom she is in mission.
  • Have the ability to accept guidance and constructive criticism.
  • Have the ability to be flexible, to handle change, stress, and ambiguity in a healthy manner.
  • Have the ability to get along with other people, forming friendships and working in partnership with others.


To sign-up and/or more information, please contact:

Barbara O’Nan, Vocation Facilitator