Founded in 1941 by Father William Howard Bishop and canonically approved in 1952, the Glenmary Sisters are a community of Catholic Sisters who live and minister in the midst of the people we serve. Our presence and ministry is special in that we may be the first Catholics the people have ever met. Through our compassionate outreach, we want all to realize that God's presence is everywhere.

Since 1941, the Glenmary Sisters have established missions in the impoverished and rural areas of the South and Appalachia where the Catholic population is usually less than two-percent. The Sisters help people become self-supportive, break the reins of poverty and lead successful, Christian lives. We currently have Sisters missioned in western and eastern Kentucky, southeast Georgia and southern Missouri. The Sisters are supported at the central office in Owensboro, Kentucky by a small staff, part-time consultants, a volunteer advisory board and an auxiliary.

A major strength of the Glenmary Sisters has always been our ability to seek solutions to problems in our missions. We also strive to include community members when creating solutions. In the past 70 years, we have helped create numerous successful programs.




The Glenmary Sisters (Home Mission Sisters of America, Inc.) are a 501(c)3 organization.