Sharon Rosemary Esterkamp

Sr. Rosemary Esterkamp

Sister Rosemary came to Glenmary from White Oak near Cincinnati, Ohio. Shortly after her entrance, she served as secretary to Fr. Bishop, founder of Glenmary. Sister has served in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia. Much time also has been given to administrative and formation positions: Community President, Councilor, and at different times Director of Novices, Candidates, Temporary Professed Sisters, and also of Education.

Sr. Rosemary learned much from her first mission experience in Appalachia, Virginia. She had been in the community several months when she was sent there. From that mission she learned Glenmary was needed! In her months of discerning if God was calling her to a life-time commitment to religious life and mission service, she now knew she could not leave because Glenmary was needed. It became clear to her that God had called her to Glenmary. That connection has remained over 65 years. They have been years revealing the closeness of God to her – years of grace.