Sharon Miller

Sr. Kathleen Mulchrone
2nd Councilor

I was born in the good County Mayo Ireland, the youngest of a large family. Raised on a farm, I learned much about living in a happy household, shared responsibility, and the importance of the Catholic Church in all aspects of our lives.

It was very hard leaving home and coming to America to face new challenges. Thank God I had many wonderful relatives who gave me support. During this new endeavor, I met the Glenmary Sisters where I really found my call in what Jesus wanted me to do.

I thank God daily for the many blessings and challenges. Most of all, I thank Him for the joy I have in reaching out to so many who are needy, have no church affiliation, and experience much suffering in their lives. This is where I am grateful for my faith in God and the wonderful mission I am involved in.

Sister Sharon Miller Sister Sharon Miller