Sr. Aida Badillo

Sr. Aida Badillo Lorenzo
1st Councilor
Formation Director

My name is Sister Aida Badillo. I was born in 1947 in Puerto Rico but moved to mainland U.S. in 1958. I lived a pretty typical life, growing up in a Catholic family.

I never really planned on becoming a nun, but as I grew into a young woman I started to feel I wanted to do more, to be more. At first I just ignored it, I went on with my life but the feeling didn’t go away. I wasn’t quite sure how to approach this, so I reached out to a spiritual director for guidance. I felt strongly that I was being called to serve in some way, but how?

Together we continued to look into different opportunities for me to serve God. That’s when we found the Glenmary Sisters, who needed bilingual women in their lay missionary program. After visiting the Sisters I was sure this was the right place for me.

I spent over two years working and serving with the Sisters. I was very happy there. But then life, as it sometimes does, sent me a “curve ball.” A family member was ill and I had to go back to Puerto Rico. I was there for five years.

At times I doubted my calling during those years, but it never really left me. So when the family concerns were resolved I again contacted the Glenmary Sisters. I rejoined the missionary program, and as I worked with the Sisters my desire to become a Sister myself grew. With loving encouragement, lots of support and prayer I became a candidate.

I was so full of joy when on March 24, 2012 I made my final profession! Yes, it was a long and winding path, full of distractions, doubt, and wonder. But all of it led me here. Now I feel that I can be the best me, the person God has called me to be. And I said YES!

Sr. Aida currently lives and ministers in Morgantown, Kentucky, with a focus on assisting the Hispanic community in Ohio and Butler Counties.

Sr. Aida BadilloSr. Aida Badillo