“We plant seeds that will one day grow. We water seeds already placed, knowing that they hold future promise. We lay foundations that will need further development. We provide yeast that produces effects far beyond our capability."
- Oscar Romero

The Glenmary Sisters minister to all God’s people regardless of their race, creed or lifestyle.


The Glenmary Sisters nurture the faith of the local Roman Catholic community. Through Religious Education and our mission work, the Sisters and the local Catholic people create programs of religious formation that will meet the needs of their particular faith community. This is very important in areas where the Catholic population is less than one percent and can make this part of our mission quite a challenge. Some missions may adopt a lectionary-based program for families; another might prefer a classroom structure; still others may choose to assist the local parents to teach their children in their homes. There are also programs for sacramental preparation, RCIA, and Vacation Bible Schools. The list is endless but the purpose is the same - to assist others to know, love and serve God.

PARISH LEADERSHIP Here the Sisters encourage the Catholic laity to take an active role in the life of their parish community. Parishioners with leadership skills sometimes need to be coaxed into becoming involved in the liturgical and pastoral life of the faith community. There are very few Catholics in our mission areas. At times they encounter negativity and are misunderstood. Glenmary Sisters take every opportunity to nurture the faith of the local Catholic community. This mission may take the form of nursing home visitation or bringing the Eucharist to the sick and homebound. We form a kinship with God’s forgotten people and share our very lives with them.


You don’t have to do everything yourself. Sometimes this is hard to remember. But it is gratifying to find that people of all walks of life, different faiths can and do work together to meet the needs of others. The Glenmary Sisters reach out in their mission areas with intention and deep desire to promote unity among religious communities, through greater cooperation and improved understanding of each other. The Sisters share the Word of God in humble and untiring labor, and pray for conversions of heart. Many of the our Sisters belong to the MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION in their area.

These associations discuss the business of the organization - the needs of the local nursing homes, upcoming projects, needs for holidays and all ecumenical projects that reach out to those most in need. The Sisters find opportunities whereever they may present themselves, to pray with and minister alongside people of other communities... that all may be one under God. They enjoy meeting and working with these dedicated people, and admire the common desire to reach out beyond our own congregations and truly be community pastors.


“Walk a mile in my shoes.” To the Glenmary Sisters this means getting involved with the people in our community - and the Glenmary Sisters truly ‘wear out their shoes!’ There are block parties and holiday parades, county fairs and community sing-alongs, youth rallies and memorial services. God’s presence is everywhere and we strive to be a sign to all that God indeed dwells within all of His people and loves them all so very much.


The U.S. Hispanic population comes from different areas of Mexico, Central and South America. Many work as migrant farm-workers for low wages and they live in substandard housing. Seventy-five percent are documented as Catholic. The Glenmary Sisters minister to the special needs of migrant workers and their families by providing food, clothing, medical assistance, classes in English and most importantly by sharing our faith in God.