“A flower is small, like the small isolated groups we minister. So small a flower is easily overlooked... But pick it up, examine it; it becomes a thing of beauty. ”
Father William Howard Bishop

The Glenmary Sisters Mission Areas

The Glenmary Sisters have missions throughout the southern United States and Appalachia. Each rural community is unique in its resources, population, local economies and needs. What do the Sisters do in these communities? The Glenmary Sisters have a ministry of presence, living and walking among those we serve. This means getting deeply involved in each unique community.



Caruthersville, Missouri

Caruthersville, MO

Caruthersville is the Glenmary Sisters’ westernmost mission site and also the newest. Sr. Darlene Presley and Sr. Catherine Schoenborn (now retired) opened the mission house in 2005.

Caruthersville is in the “boot heel” region of Missouri and is known to be a very poor area. In addition to the preexisting conditions of the area, a powerful tornado destroyed 60% of the city in April 2006, hurting the area even more. Since the storms, however, many of the citizens are rebuilding with the help of others.

The city of Caruthersville is unique in many ways as it is a very economically poor town yet there are very wealthy people who also live in the area. The businesses are primarily family run, yet there is a casino on the river. There is a diversity of ethnic groups, but racial trends still exist.

Sr. Sharon works many hours daily assisting those in need, planning events for the youth of the area who need attention, running “Mother’s House,” and giving time to the local Catholic Church. Her energy is a valuable asset to the residents of this area.


Frenchburg, Kentucky

Frenchburg, KY

Sr. Kathleen Mulchrone and Glenmary co-missioner, Sue Brown, live and minister in Frenchburg, Kentucky (Menifee County) which is a part of the diocese of Lexington. Frenchburg is nestled in the Appalachian Mountains and the Daniel Boone National Forest. Since the population is less than 1% Catholic, there is no Catholic Church in the county and the few Catholics in the area must travel 25 to 30 miles in any direction to attend Mass.

Sr. Kathleen has been a permanent resident of the area for many years and is well known and loved due to her sense of humor and outgoing personality. Her ministry includes a shop in Frenchburg where people in need can receive help. This requires her to keep food, clothing, personal care items, and baby care items on the shelves.

Frenchburg is in a very mountainous region which requires Sr. Kathleen to travel on winding rural roads to visit someone who is ill or to give another a ride to a doctor’s appointment or grocery store.

Ohio and Butler Counties, KY

Sr. Aida officially moved to Morgantown and began her ministry with the growing Hispanic community in Ohio and Butler Counties on May 1st, 2015.  Since then she has been kept very busy and continues to understand that yes, this is exactly where she needs to be at this time and God continues to show her how she can best minister to the new face of the Catholic Church in this area of Kentucky. 

Some of the things Sr. Aida is able to help with is taking people to the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis, IN, and to Catholic Charities in Louisville, KY for immigration meetings. She leads a service on Thursdays and also has a Bible study on Saturdays.