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“The purpose of community life is to keep us daily, hourly, in communion with God so that we may…work for Him in the field he has chosen for us by knowing and doing his will.”
Father William Howard Bishop, October 1947

The Glenmary Sisters Community

The Glenmary Sisters live in small, caring, and supportive communities, serving the needs of the local rural poor in whatever ways God calls us to serve Him.

Guadalupe House in Owensboro, Kentucky serves as our main gathering place. Here the Sisters have time together for reflection, support and celebrations. Though our daily lives are rooted in the communities where we minister to the poor it is our presence to one another that sustains and enables us to continue to be God’s presence in our mission areas.

The Sisters’ missionary life is a combination of prayer, sacrifice, and a Christ-like presence to those we serve, as well as each other. Doing God’s work, supported by prayer and our community life, we seek to live out the core of the Gospel, the Love of God and the Love of one’s neighbor.

As a community we pray the Liturgy of the Hours every morning and evening. Each Sister also spends at least an hour in private prayer and spiritual reading. Annual retreats as well as a monthly day of renewal keeps the Sisters in close relation with God and as a community serving His mission.